Folklore of Bhutan’s Divine Madman

A hike through the rice paddy fields of Punakha lies one of the most extraordinary tales of MYTHS & LEGENDS – The fertility temple of the Divine Madman, Drukpa Kunley, the thunderbolt of wisdom and the saint of fertility. This short walk was exciting as I got to see the locals at work in the fields and also passed an old couple sitting under one small religious structure with prayer wheels. The old man praying as he moved the wheels and circled the dome and the old woman with her prayer beads, both smiling at us as we passed them.

But not as exciting as what awaited ahead of that. Further, in the hike, my eyes and mind were in astonishment with what I was seeing, and with what I was thinking, the surrounding shops and homes were proudly decorated with Phallus paintings. Literally, every wall in the vicinity of the fertility temple is painted with a representation of the male phallus. An awkward moment for me was when my attention went to the murals and graffiti on the walls with kids playing right below it with not a care in mind, it seemed that it was the most normal thing ever.

Drukpa Kunley, the divine mad man, voiced against restrictions and constraints on everyday people seeking enlightenment. Many local tales cover Chimi Lhakhang (the temple) and its eccentric saint who preached Buddhism by way of song, comedy, and shocking sensual connotations, a move that was very unconventional and unorthodox. 

People travel to this monastery from all over the world to take blessings of fertility with the belief that their wish will come true.


Nestled between the hills of Bhutan, there is a small town with narrow lanes selling the most beautiful scarves, crafts, and teas with people as beautiful as the scenery around you.

In the ancient capital of Bhutan, Punakha, take a moment to capture the serenity of the hills, take a stroll in the local markets or soak in the rich culture of this quaint city. Punakha is a humble village offering peace and beauty to its seekers.


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