Colourful lives and colourful faces – HOLI

As February ticks in, my mind starts to work out details for the soon to be arriving Holi. The excitement is not just of celebrating it but of watching the colorful streets getting further dipped in more shades of pinks, blues, reds, and greens.

Last year I celebrated the festival at Udaipur, which was a 2 days affair and was grander than anything else I have ever experienced. I flew from Delhi to Udaipur 2 days before Holi so that I settle in visit and explore the city and the beautiful Ranakpur Jain temples before the festivities start.

On day 1, Being part of the festivities at the Royal City Palace of Udaipur at Holika Dahan (a day before the main celebrations) was such an incredible experience as I celebrated with the royal family of Udaipur including the King himself who was so humble to meet with some of on request. The royal family of Udaipur arrived in their royal chariot and then kick-started the evening after lighting the fire (Holika Dahan). Live performances of folk dancers along with drummers, decorated elephant, and camels grooved around a giant bonfire. With a chardonnay balancing in my hand and the rustic palace walls as the backdrop, I enjoyed the private dining and danced to the tunes of some traditional Indian music. If indulgence was a feeling, then this was it.

On Day 2, Woke up early in the morning to conquer the streets of Udaipur and celebrate the festival of colors at the Jagdish temple with my experienced guide right by my side. At the temple, I could not stop my feet with this eccentric folk Holi music falling in my ears along with loud dholaks below the temple, giving rhythm to hundreds of people dancing with smiles on their faces. Overjoyed kids gear up with water guns and water balloons and engage in friendly games of color. People dance to the beating of Indian drums and throw powdered pigment, called Gulal, on everyone they meet.

Holi official ushers in spring, and there isn’t a better way to do it. Every year the streets of India come to life as people across the country celebrate this festival. Imagine leaving home with old white clothes and coming back sporting all the colors of the rainbow, making this experience a photographer’s haven. How amazing will this travel story look on your Instagram page!!!!

When your life is so colorful, why shouldn’t the faces be colored too? This year will be another exciting year celebrating Holi in another city of the beautiful country


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