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My name is Ipsa, and I was born in Chandigarh, Punjab, I have traveled all over the country, thanks to my Army upbringing. Moving to a new city every 2 years was the most exciting part of my life. I think that is where my love for the industry started. Even though I have a Master’s in Business Administration, I always wanted to be a part of the travel and hospitality industry. This love grew more profound when I met my husband, and now my 11 years old daughter is my constant travel partner. She has been traveling with me even before she was born, and now believe me when I tell you that she is a bigger travel nut than me and my husband combined.  

Being part of the tourism industry gave me an insight into product development, research, and creating fresh new travel experiences. This made me explore all over the subcontinent experiencing unique hotels, new sights, and creating new first-hand stories.




I have been to jungle tripping in India looking for the royal Bengal tiger, dipped in the very cold union of the 2 rivers Indus and Zanskar in Ladakh (where I also chilled my beer by the way), hiked up a mountain in Bhutan to see Tiger’s Nest, the monastery perched high up between the rocks, snorkeled in the Atlantic looking for live corals, home-stayed in the remotest corner of the Himalayas, drove past one of the highest motorable passes in the world, the Khardungla Pass. When I look back to all these fantastic memories, I realize there is still so much more I want to see and experience

What you may find here


In this space, you will find my personal travel experiences written with a lot of enthusiasm. I’d love to take you with me to these places that I have enjoyed. I will continue to update this space with many exciting anecdotes like talking about exciting destinations, different cultured foods, stories gathered from locals about their traditions, and a whole combination of this spectrum.

My blogs are not just about museums and monuments but a creation of a lot of research, my particular understandings of travel choices, travel tips, safety suggestions, responsible & sustainable travel, itinerary suggestions, accommodation suggestions and various ways to keep things fresh and exciting. These are purely suggestive and you can always customize as per your own choices and desires. 

Most of the pictures here have been clicked by me, and you can check them out in the Gallery as well.

“Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”-IBN BATTUTA
My sack of stories is not just about museums and monuments; I dwell more on experiences! They have overwhelmed me and now I am here to share them with you all and hopefully awaken the travel bug in you! So come, travel with me as I unravel the streets, people and cultures of places I visit.
Travel is my foremost passion, second only to my family and both keep me on my toes. Forever eager to explore every nook and corner of India and the sub-continent, I am in constant search to craft a unique travel-destination experience. The outcome: return home with not just photogram but a lasting and sharable skill or the learnings from an activity steeped deep in our history, culture and tradition.




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